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Gitarre&Bass tests the TWS BassBoy.


Gitarre&Bass 01/2024

"There are other candidates for pure power and analytically clear playback, that should be clear to everyone who is looking for good tube sound. There is plenty of it here and in a quality and flexibility that is second to none. Even at low volumes it has Tone is addictive, when turned up the desired saturation comes into play in a very pleasant way. The easy-to-use preamplifier offers a cornucopia of sounds; everything I fed to the combination was not only reproduced with all the advantages of good tube sounds, but could also be refined with a strong character. "

Click here to get to the BassBoy...

Best Guitar Amplifiers

Handmade in Germany!

There is actually no rational reason why we still need handmade tube amps these days.

Just as little as relic instruments, restored vintage cars, refurbished old furniture or handcrafted food. Everything is available “new” at any time. In quantity and in good industrial quality.​

Why do we still long for "old values" and products made by hand?

Because we want someone to put their time, effort and love into the things that make us smile every day. Products that are not just "off the shelf", but are specially designed and made for us. At the highest level of quality.

A mass-produced product can undoubtedly be a good product. However, a handcrafted product carries the soul of the builder, who made it especially for his customer and matched it with all his experience. We can hear and feel that... and that's what makes these products so extraordinary and desirable.

And THAT'S EXACTLY what we do at Tube WorkShop!

Gruppe Product Range neu v01.jpg

TWS Products

Our pride and joy!

TWS Custom Built "Valleys of Neptune"

Why buy an off the shelf amp when you can have the "amp of your dreams" built just for you to to your specifications?

Your TWS Custom Built Amp sounds like you, wears your style and bears your name. And there is only one! Because it's as unique as you...

2864-S Combo

1x12 combo version of the TWS 2864-S.

A generously dimensioned housing made of solid 12mm birch multiplex gives the 2864-S combo a mature sound volume as well as an exceptionally lively and resonant sound.

14W - Class A/B, Cathode Biased

Tubes: 1xGZ34, 2x6V6, 1xEF86, 1x12AX7


The amp that started it all!

A few years ago we restored a Phillips Hi-Fi amp called the 2864 from the 1940s and modified it for electric guitar. This amp sounded absolutely amazing and was the blueprint for the TWS 2864.

14W - Class A/B, Cathode Biased

Tubes: 1xGZ34, 2x6V6, 1xEF86, 1xEEP-1

SingleSix Combo

Single ended Class A / 1x6L6 tube / 6W.
The name of this amp was obvious...

Inspired by a legendary 1950's French amp designed by Paul Bouyer... further developed and refined into the "King of Bedroom Amps"

6W - Single Ended Class A
Tubes: 1x GZ34, 1x 6L6, 1x 6SL7

2864-S Top beide Farben

The further development of the TWS 2864 into a standard design that implements the outstanding sonic properties with todays tubes.

A matt anodized aluminum front panel and the integrated RGB LED lighting give the amp a very elegant look.

Available in Silver or Stealth versions

14W - Class A/B, Cathode Biased

Tubes: 1x GZ34, 2x6V6, 1x EF86, 1x12AX7


Why isn't there an all-tube bass amp which suits the demands of studios and smaller venues of our days?


We cannot answer that question, but we can say: Here it is. The Tube WorkShop BassBoy!

50W/30W - Class A/B
Tubes: 1x GZ34, 2x 6L6, 2x 6SL7


Customers Voice


"No matter which effects pedal I connect... without exception, they all shine with a clear, defined brilliance. Even the Strymon Sunset as a distortion does not overdrive uncontrollably if you crank it up. Controllable at every stage, always to the point without outliers. The Neunaber Reverb MkII is brilliant and controllable in every position, the Strymon Big Sky also unfolds with clarity and definition.


Any changes to the settings is accurately reflected. And that makes it easy to find the sweet spot. No matter if Tele, ES, Les Paul, Resonator or even to the Baritone... it has never sounded so good. Chapeau! A very big hit! Respect!"

Jörg Britsch, proud owner of the TWS Custom Built "Jay's Tube"

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Our workshop
Mario Gebhardt

who is behind

Tube WorkShop?

Mario Gebhardt is the guy behind Tube WorkShop. Degree in electronics, active guitarist and confessing sound-fetishist. Equipped with 20 years of professional experience as head of R&D and sound expert for one of the leading German manufacturers in the audio industry.

"You're not getting best tone when you can't add anything more to a circuit, but when you can't leave anything more out. Reduction to the real essentials and implementing them at the highest level of Quality. That is our philosophy!"

Mario Gebhardt

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