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Single Six Combo

Single Ended Class A / 1x6L6 tube / 6W. The name is the concept.

Inspired by a legendary 1950's French amp designed by Paul Bouyer.

Further developed and refined to become the "King of Bedroom Amps" from TWS.

​A single 6L6 power amp tube in single-ended class A circuitry, combined with the unusual 6SL7 preamp tube and very generously dimensioned transformers achieve a sound that you have probably never heard before. Not overly loud, but very mature and broadband, and always with a certain "sweet" tone that flatters the notes and never makes the amp sound "exhausting".

Even if the SingleSix has the potential to keep up in a full band, what is special about it is that due to the puristic design (which is designed for low volumes), it can fully exploit its sound properties even at "bedroom level".


Gitarre & Bass 01/2023

"The Single Six shows outstanding clean and low/mid gain potential..."


"On the one hand, it presents itself as a puristic Single-Ended Class-A combo for the sound gourmet with excellent cleans up to controlled crunch sounds and outstanding dynamics. Even with low volume settings, it can fully exploit its sound potential, wonderfully controlled by the Tone- and Mood pots. On the other hand, it is precisely these tonal and dynamic properties that make it the ideal pedal platform, which works perfectly with stompboxes of all kinds. The built of the amp shows a great deal of experience, know-how and craftsmanship, which is why the Single Six can easily be placed into the boutique league.

This amp is built for a lifetime, completely handmade in Germany."

Read the full review here...


guitar 02/2023

"Rarely are minimalism, flexibility, contemporary handling and a charming retro vibe blended as well as in this 12'' Combo..."


"The SingleSix Combo is another big hit from Tube WorkShop. Especially now that portable, clean pedal platform amps are in high demand, this amp comes at the right time. Above all, it is its simplicity that offers a forgiving connection to the mostly complex pedalboards. Nevertheless, the amp is extremely flexible and can be tweaked to different playing styles or pedal setups as well as certain guitars. Even when played pure - for example for clean sounds in the studio - this thing inspires us right away. And many of today's mostly somewhat clinical-sounding pedal platform amps can't do that. There must be something to it, that '50s mojo that's in the genes of this amp."


handmade in Germany.

Each SingleSix combo is handcrafted in Leingarten (D) and hand-wired point-to-point with the shortest signal paths. All connections are soldered (no connectors) to permanently exclude loose contacts and contact resistance


The massive (2mm thick) aluminum chassis houses only hand-picked premium components and the highest quality, oversized transformers. The best is just good enough for us. 


E.g., we use our TWS "Cream Caps" as coupling capacitors. These polyester-in-oil capacitors are specially made for us on the original Philips machines from the 1960s and feature an extraordinarily warm, even sound which is rich in overtones.

The mechanical installation of all components is completely decoupled from the electrical connections. Jacks, pots and tube sockets do not exert any forces on the electrical connections which could lead to broken solder joints over time.


The compact housing made of solid 12mm birch multiplex was specially designed for the SingleSix, giving the amp enough volume and resonance with compact dimensions at the same time. Of course, the housing is handcrafted in Germany.

TWS SingleSix Combo inner workings

Gitarre & Bass 01/2023

"boutique level

Even the external impression of the combo shows in which league the Tube WorkShop Single Six has to be placed."


guitar 02/2023

"Mario is a guy who takes it very seriously...

... his amps are an absolute feast for the eyes and ears in terms of concept and build-quality."

TWS SingleSix Combo Tone Control

Tone Control

One knob. Full bandwidth.

The SingleSix has a single "Tone" knob, but this one actually does its job. 

In contrast to many other amps, where only trebles are actually attenuated, the SingleSix boosts the basses when turned to the left (with simultaneous treble reduction), while the trebles are emphasized when turned to the right (and basses are lowered at the same time).

The tone control is tuned in such a way that the entire control range can be used sensibly. Thus, with a single controller, the personal sweet spot can be tuned very finely between rather covered sounds and a very offensive sound.


Gitarre & Bass 01/2023

"As the volume setting increases, the effect of the tone control intensifies. Very nice and almost like a musical instrument."


guitar 02/2023

"It is so tastefully tuned that we were always able to set the perfect sound with a PRS Robben Ford as well as a Stratocaster and a Telecaster."

Mood Control

from "Mild" to "Wild".

There is a dimension in guitar amps that goes beyond the pure frequency response of the tone controls. 

How does the amp respond to my guitar playing?

Fast and direct with lots of overtones (as we know it from Marshalls or the VOX AC30), or rather more good-natured and "sticky" as we know it from Fender amps or from very good studio limiters?

In the SingleSix Combo, the response behavior can be smoothly faded back and forth between "Mild" (quieter and more good-natured) and "Wild" (louder and more aggressive).


The combination of the "Tone" and "Mood" controls thus results in a large, very finely tuned tone-field to optimally adapt the sound and the response of the SingleSix to your personal style.

TWS SingleSix Combo Mood scheme

Gitarre & Bass 01/2023

"The mood pot, a specialty of Tube WorkShop... in combination with Tone, the sound and response of the combo can be fine-tuned to your personal playing style."


guitar 02/2023

"Driving the amp in "wild" mode is actually reminiscent of driving an Italian sports car - always idling high [...] if that's too hectic for you, you'd rather drive the amp in "mild" mode and just relax and groove away."

Power Tubes

use whatever you like!

The SingleSix is factory-equipped with a high-quality 6L6GC. But the world of different power tubes is open to you! 

Because of the Single-Ended Class A nature of the SingleSix Poweramp, you can swap any to kind of Output Tubes, that use the same wiring, without worrying about re-biasing. Just plug it in, try it out and be happy...

Examples of compatible power tubes:

6L6, 5881, 6V6, EL34, KT66, KT77, KT88, etc.

Powertube's TWS SingleSix
TWS SingleSix Combo Back

Technical Specs

and specifics.

  • Manufactured by hand in Germany

  • Shortest signal paths. Best components. No connectors.

  • 1-channel: pedal platform amp

  • 6 watts (RMS undistorted)

  • 1x 6L6 power tube (single-ended class A)

  • 1x 6SL7 preamp tube

  • 1x GZ34 rectifier tube

  • Interactive tone control with tone pot

  • Infinitely adjustable response behavior with mood potentiometer

  • 4/8/16 ohm speaker impedance selector switch

  • Dimensions: WxHxD = 523 x 475 x 238 mm

  • Weight: 16kg

  • Speakers: Celestion G12M Greenback


TWS SingleSix Combo with Celestion G12M Greenback: RRP 2.849

Or contact us personally:


You can also get all of our products from:

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TWS Single Six Combo


the right thing for every taste.

Jensen Tornado Stealth

Our standard: Celestion G12M Greenback

We equip our speakers "from factory" with a Celestion G12M Greenback speaker, which offers both an excellent clean sound with lots of top-end and a great distortion sound with a wooden note.

Surcharge: Jensen Tornado Stealth 65W: 55,-€

"Best of Fender Sounds". The new Jensen Tornado combines the classic Jensen sounds with beautiful highs and relaxed mids. It remains very stable and contoured even with distorted sounds.

Surcharge: Fane Ascension A60: €125

Great, very "sweet" sounding speaker: "Jensen on Steroids"! Not made for metalheads, but a revelation for lovers of complex clean sounds.

Surcharge: Celestion Alnico Gold Speaker: €150

THE speaker when it needs to be "loud" and ruthless. Honest-sounding, high SPL... cuts through perfectly in loud bands. Both clean and distorted.

Tailored TWS Covers

keep the fun going...

Protective case SingleSix Combo

Of course, the best thing for your darling would be a flight case. But that's where things get big and difficult. And when you're not on a world tour, a good protective case is the perfect and affordable everyday companion.

  • Handmade in Germany

  • Custom made to fit the TWS SingleSix Combo

  • Perfectly sewn high-quality leatherette cover with TWS-Logo

  • The protective cover is padded and splash-proof. It protects against knocks during transport and also against fading (UV protection) and dust.

  • Thanks to the neatly incorporated handle recesses, the amp and box can still be transported without any problems.

  • Price: €70

Sound Samples

let's stop talking... just listen.

Pictures, pictures, pictures

tell more than 1000 words.

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