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TWS Lulis Signature

Purest Heavy-Rock Sound.

50W out of 2x EL34. Classic "British" sound. In addition, an engageable overdrive circuit that gives the all-important "kick". 

These are the ingredients for a classic heavy rock sound, as known from Uwe Lulis at Accept or his former band Grave Digger. Aggressive, Tight, Super-Direct!


Other features of the amp include a flexible preamp section that can be switched between JTM / JCM modes and has "Deep" and "Bright" switches, as well as two footswitchable master volumes. In addition, an A/B box is integrated, with which the guitar signal can also be switched to another amp or a tuner.

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Bondeo 07/2024

"The TWS Lulis Signature Top is a boutique rocker handmade in Germany with British roots and a slight American accent. [...]. Not only is the sound beyond good and evil, but so is the first-class workmanship. Even though this is essentially a single-channel top, thanks to the two switchable preamp modes and the integrated OD1 circuit, you are not dealing with a one-trick pony. On the contrary, the amp offers a wide range of first-class blues, rock, hard and heavy rock sounds, some of which can also be accessed via foot switch.

You can read the complete review HERE .

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handmade in Germany.

Each Lulis Signature Amp is handcrafted in Leingarten (GER) and hardwired with the shortest signal paths. All audio and voltage-carrying connections are soldered (no plug connectors) to permanently eliminate loose contacts and contact resistance.


The massive (2 mm thick) aluminum chassis houses an extremely sturdy high-end circuit board with a thick 70um copper coating on which only selected premium components are assembled by hand. High-quality transformers and an “over-designed” power supply for maximum longevity are a given. Only the best is good enough for us.

The mechanical installation of all components is completely decoupled from the electrical connections. Sockets, pots and tube bases do not exert any forces on the electrical connections that could lead to broken solder joints over time.


An extremely robust housing made of solid 18mm multiplex out of Baltic Birch gives the amp a high degree of roadworthiness and at the same time is very easy to transport thanks to the generous carrying handle. And of course, the housing is handmade in Germany.

Lulis Money Shot_Rev01_web.jpg
Lulis gutshot 01_web.jpg
Bonedo Logo

Bondeo 07/2024

"Not only is the sound beyond good and evil, but also the first-class workmanship."

Tube WorkShop Lulis Signature Amp
JTM Mode, OD Off, Gain 11 Uhr, Bright, Deep, EQ 12 Uhr
00:00 / 00:29
JTM Mode, OD Off, Gain 16 Uhr, Bright, Deep, EQ 12 Uhr
00:00 / 00:33
JCM Mode, OD Off, Gain 9 Uhr, Bright, Deep, EQ 12 Uhr
00:00 / 00:24
JCM Mode, OD Off, Gain 12 Uhr, Bright, Deep, EQ 12 Uhr
00:00 / 00:25
JCM Mode, OD Off, Gain 17 Uhr, Bright, Deep, EQ 12 Uhr
00:00 / 00:21

The Preamp

a British chameleon.

"British" has been synonymous with an honest, raw but highly assertive sound since the 1960s. In the 1980s, this sound ideal was taken to the next level. Amps from this era were specifically designed to deliver a more aggressive, distorted sound.  These became the blueprint for an entire generation, ushering in the hard rock and heavy metal genres.


The Lulis Signature features 2 different preamp modes. The names are almost self-explanatory.


JTM Mode:

A down-to-earth low to medium gain sound as we know it from the 60s. Rough, honest and perfectly suited for classic blues-influenced rock sounds in the style of Led Zeppelin or The Free.


JCM Mode:

With an additional gain stage, the Lulis Signature catapults you into the 80s with their assertive, aggressive heavy rock sounds as we know them from Michael Schenker but also Guns n'Roses, for example. A truly iconic sound.


Deep & Bright Switches:

For additional flexibility, the Deep & Bright switches allow you to adjust the basic sounds to your own taste. A little more "pound" in JCM mode? A little more sparkle in JTM mode? No problem for the Lulis Signature.


Bondeo 07/2024

"Although the two Marshall legends JTM and JMP were the inspiration for the development of the TWS Lulis Signature Tops, Mario Gebhardt insisted on making improvements and additions in every corner and edge."

Integrated Overdrive

Enter the "Lulis Mode".

The decisive factor for the Lulis sound is an OD circuit connected in front of the preamp. This provides a powerful gain boost (if needed), but also provides the necessary tone shaping to keep the amp controlled in the bass range and not let the treble become overly aggressive.


Unlike many others, we do not use the green "screamer circuit" here, but have taken the yellow favorite pedal of Uwe as a model. The control options we have reduced to the settings that Uwe Lulis also prefers by himself.

Preamp in JCM mode and activate OD... and you're in Lulis-land with the sound of legendary riffs like on "The Truth" from Grave Digger's "Tunes of War".


The OD circuit can be activated by the push/pull potentiometer on the front panel as well as by the included 3-way footswitch (the push/pull potentiometer is deactivated when the footswitch is connected). An "Instant-Lulis" switch!

Tube WorkShop Lulis Signature Amp
JTM, OD 12 Uhr, Gain 16 Uhr, Bright, Deep, EQ 12 Uhr
00:00 / 00:33
JCM, OD 15 Uhr, Gain 15 Uhr, Bright, Deep, EQ 12 Uhr
00:00 / 00:27
Bonedo Logo

Bondeo 07/2024

"The more aggressive sound of the OD 1 compared to the Tubescreamer was the most popular pedal at the time, especially in the LA metal scene, when it came to driving the JCM 800 further into saturation. Even if an OD 1 sounds rather disappointing in front of a clean amp, its slight distortion, coupled with a bass and treble steal, is exactly what a distorted preamp needs for more distortion without being sonicly choked at the same time."

Tube WorkShop Lulis Signature Amp
JCM, OD 14 Uhr, Gain 14 Uhr, Bright, Deep, Bass 9-12-15 Uhr
00:00 / 00:33
JCM, OD 14 Uhr, Gain 14 Uhr, Bright, Deep, Mid 9-12-15 Uhr
00:00 / 00:44
JCM, OD 14 Uhr, Gain 14 Uhr, Bright, Deep, Treble 9-12-15 Uhr
00:00 / 00:33

Custom EQ

with the “Golden Mids”.

At this point, the TWS Lulis Signature audibly breaks with its British ancestors. Besides an effective bass control and a treble pot that provides clarity (but is not annoying), it was important for Uwe Lulis to capture his beloved "golden mids".


Unlike the well-known models, the mid control in the Lulis Signature has a very wide control range. In the left half, it allows distinctive scooped sounds, but beyond that, at settings >5, it delivers dense and creamy mids that push it forward in the mix and never sound nasty or tinny.


Bondeo 07/2024

" [...] and the three-band EQ offers extensive options for adjusting the frequency response, just as you've always wanted as a Marshall user. In addition to the open and tasteful overtone range, I particularly like the mids, which are important for the guitar sound."

Lulis Top dyn li.jpg

Master Section

WonderVol x 2.

The WonderVol, our loudness-compensated master volume, is already known from the TWS 2864-S and has caused a huge sensation here.

We integrated it twice in the Lulis Signature Amp, tuned it perfectly for the amp, and made it switchable using the included 3-way footswitch.

This means you always have access to two different volume levels, e.g. for Rhythm & Lead.

Tube WorkShop Lulis Signature Amp
Bonedo Logo

Bondeo 07/2024

"The master section contains the two hearing curve compensated master controls, which ensure that the amp sounds almost as good at low volumes as it does at full volume."

Magic Home Pro.png

Shine a light

RGB LED lighting .

Have you ever had an amp that glowed so beautifully?

As in the 2864-S Top, we have installed LED lighting, which not only makes your amp a visual highlight, you can also adjust it to suit your personal taste in all imaginable colors.

At the factory, the LED lighting is set to Uwe's favorite color: "Blood red!"

You have full control via Bluetooth using a mobile phone app. To do this, simply download the free “Magic Home Pro” app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and configure the lighting the way you like it best.

And how exactly does that work?

Here you can find our instructions ...

A great FX-Loop

... is desperately needed, right?

Of course, the Lulis Signature has an extremely high-quality, serial FX loop, so that Reverb, Delay, Modulation Effects or even an EQ after the amp distortion really cut through.

We don't use an "economy version" with cheap OP-Amps that run on low voltages. The TWS FX Loop runs on high voltage (like the rest of the amp) and is therefore not a sonic bottleneck. No compromises for your beloved FX pedals!

Lulis Detail FX Loop Rev01_web.jpg
Lulis Detail Amp AB_Rev01_web.jpg

Integrated A/B box

your multitool in live operation.

The Lulis Signature has an integrated A/B box with which you can switch the input signal of your guitar to the "Amp B Out" (using the included 3-way foot switch).

Why could you need something like that?

  • Would you like to use a second amp for a “dedicated clean sound”? Simply connect it to the “Amp B Out” and switch between the amps using the footswitch.

  • Would you like to quickly check the tuning of your guitar between songs? For example, connect your rack tuner to the "Amp B Out" and use it as a "Tuner Out".

  • Would you like to "mute" for a moment when changing guitars? That works too. Simply connect "Nothing" to the "Amp B Out" and enjoy the silence when you pull the cable out of the guitar with the "Amp B Out" active.

In order to avoid the well-known hum-loops with multiple devices connected, the output is galvanically isolated and buffered with a high-quality transformer. 

The circuit was developed by TWS in close collaboration with Nikolay Hristov from N-Audio and is based on the state-of-the-art circuitry of the  N-Audio Guitar Splitter, with a linear transmission range from 5 Hz to >30,000 Hz. It won't get any better!


Please check out: 

N-Audio Logo_new_edited.png

Footswitch jacks

Mass compatible.

In the Lulis Signature, 3 functions can be remotely controlled by footswitch:

  1. OD On/Off

  2. Master 1/2

  3. Amp A/B


We have deliberately not provided the amp, as well as the included 3-way footswitch, with a proprietary multipin connector, but instead have brought out the switch connections on 3 ordinary jack sockets.


The advantages of this are:

  • You can use any standard "normally open" footswitch if, for example, you only use one or two of the footswitch options.

  • The Lulis Signature can be remotely controlled from the switching ports of any rack switcher without a special adapter cable, and can thus be easily integrated into a complex midi setup.

Lulis Detail FT_Rev01_web.jpg
Lulis Fussschalter_web.png
Bonedo Logo

Bondeo 07/2024

"The connections for the foot switch are deliberately designed as jack sockets and not as multi-pin connectors, so that the amp can be connected to any switching system such as the Gigrig or similar without an adapter or re-soldering."

Tube WorkShop Lulis Signature Amp

World Tour Ready

thanks to switchable mains voltage.

Unlike most of its competitors, the Lulis Signature can be switched between the mains voltage ranges 110-120 V and 220-240 V and is therefore "ready for use" almost worldwide.


In Japan, with its 100V power grid, the Lulis Signature can operate at the 115V setting with a slight loss of performance. However, we recommend the use of a Variac to raise the mains voltage in Japan to 120V.


Important Notice:

When changing the voltage range, it is mandatory to check that the voltage set on the amp corresponds to the mains voltage, and that the correct value of the mains fuse is inserted.

Technical data

and special features.

  • Made by hand in Germany

  • 1-channel heavy rock amp, all tube

  • Signature Amp by Uwe Lulis (Accept)

  • 50W (RMS) Class A/B

  • 3x 12AX7, 2x EL34, 1x GZ34

  • JTM/JCM preamp modes

  • Bright/Deep switches

  • Integrated overdrive circuit (foot-switchable)

  • Custom 3-band EQ

  • Presence control

  • 2x master volume (foot-switchable)

  • Integrated, isolated A/B box (foot-switchable)

  • FX Loop with true bypass

  • 4/8/16 ohm speaker impedance selector switch

  • Mains voltage switchable between EU/USA

  • Included 3-way footswitch

  • Dimensions: WxHxD = 679 x 232 x 215 mm

  • Weight: 15 kg

Lulis Top Front frontal rev02_web.png
Lulis Top Back frontal rev02_web.png
Lulis Top Front schräg rev02_web.png


Luli's signature top: €3,999 (RRP)



Or contact us personally:


All of our productsYou can also get kits from:

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Lulis 4x12 XL Cab

How about a little more?

Often underestimated, but one of the most important factors in the signal chain is the choice of the right speaker cabinet, because that ultimately decides whether you win or lose. Also somehow logical - the speaker cab ultimately has to "bring the speed to the road".


For the Lulis 4x12 Cab we opted for a low-resonance construction made of solid 18 mm birch multiplex. This effectively suppresses unwanted natural resonances and the box always remains tight. The slightly enlarged XL format provides enough punch, which audibly increases the sound volumebestowed.


When it comes to speaker equipment, we decided on a mix of 2 Celestion G12M-65 Creambacks and 2 of the popular Celestion Vintage 30. The Creambacks support the Lulis-typical warm and dense midrange, while the V30s are sufficientaggressiveness and “air” in the high frequency range. Perfect match!

  • Handbuilt in Germany

  • 2x 12" Celestion G12M-65 Creamback

  • 2x 12" Celestion Vintage 30.

  • Load capacity: 250 W

  • Impedance: 16 ohms

  • Cabinet and baffle made from 18 mm Baltic birch

  • Connection panel with parallel output

  • Removable front cover

  • Large-format, side handles

  • 4x plug-in rollers

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 750 x 795 x 370 mm

  • Weight: 45kg

  • Price: €1,799 (RRP)

Lulis Box schräg schmal_web.png
Lulis Box schräg schmal offen+Bespannung_web.png
Lulis Box Detail Connection Field_web.png


Lulis 4x12 XL Cab: 1.79 9,-€ (RRP)




Or contact us personally:


You can also get all our products from:

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Custom TWS amp-covers

for long-lasting fun...

TWS Amp Covers

The best thing for your darling would of course be a flight case. But that usually makes things big and heavy. And if you're not on a world tour, a good protective case is the perfect and affordable everyday companion.


  • Handmade in Germany

  • Tailor-made to fit the Lulis Signature Top

  • Tailor-made to fit the Lulis 4x12 XL-Cab

  • Perfectly sewn leather-look faux leather protective cover with sewn-on TWS logo

  • The protective cover is padded and splash-proof. It protects against knocks during transport and also against fading (UV protection) and dust.

  • Due to the neatly incorporated handle cutouts, amp and box can still be transported without any problems.

Price amp-cover Lulis Signature Top: €69

Price amp-cover Lulis 4x12 XL-Cab: €119

Sound Samples

let's stop talking. Just listen...

Pictures, pictures, pictures

tell more than 1000 words.

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