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TWS Custom Built

Why buy an off-the-shelf amp when you can have the "amp of your dreams" built just for you and to your specifications?

You want an amp that was made just for you and fits you perfectly?

At Tube WorkShop we love to build your personal "dream amp"!


In a personal conversation we determine what suits you best:

  • What style of music do you love and what sound do you have in mind?

  • Which amp design is the starting point for your amp?

  • Which features do you need?

  • What is the right amp format for you? Combo or head? And which style do you like?

  • Which speaker supports your sound idea?

  • Which tolex should your amp be wearing? Which grillcloth turns you on (at combos)?

  • What should your amp be called? The name will be on the front panel...


After we have figured out the features of your amp together, you will receive an individual quote from us for your custom built amp.

How much is a TWS Custom Built Amp?

It's probably a lot cheaper than you imagine.

Our processes are not designed for "mass production" but for "quantity 1".

Individuality is our daily business and does not necessarily have to be "more expensive" than our standard products.

Simply contact us without obligation info(at)

The delivery time for your custom built amp is currently around 12 weeks, as many components such as the amp housing, amp chassis and faceplate are specially made to your specifications.

We are happy to send you the finished amp, but we are always happy to personally pick it up at the Tube WorkShop in Leingarten, where we can test and fine-tune the sound together over coffee, cold drinks and snacks.


You hold the guitar, we hold the soldering iron!


of TWS Custom Built Amps

Jay's Tube


- Base Amp: TWS 2864-S

- Power amp: 2x 6V6, 14W Cathode Biased
- Preamp: 1x EF86, 1x 12AX7

- Rectifier: 1x GZ34

- Housing: Dumble Style Housing

- Tolex: Marshall Style Elephant Purple

- Grill Cloth: Vintage Gold

- Handle: Dogbone Black

- Knobs: Chickenhead White

- Corner Protectors: Top/Bottom silver

- Custom faceplate "Jay's Tube"

- Serial FX loop with true bypass

- Speakers: Celestion Alnico Gold

SingleSix "Brownie"


- Base Amp: TWS Single Six

- Power Amp: 1x 6L6, 6W Single-Ended Class A
- Preamp: 1x 6SL7

- Rectifier: 1x GZ34

- Housing: Dumble Style Housing

- Tolex: Brown Taurus

- Covering fabric: Creame Weave

- Handle: Dogbone Brown

- Pot knobs: Chickenhead Black

- Protective corners: top/bottom silver

- Speaker: Celestion Alnico Gold

Valleys of Neptune


- Base Amp: Fender Deluxe Reverb (Vibrato Channel)

- Princeton Style Bias Modulating Tremolo
- Deluxe Reverb Style Tube-Driven Spring Reverb

- Tube-based input boost via push/pull pot

- Additional Mid control pot

- TWS WonderVol Master Volume

- TWS Mood Pot

- Power Amp: 2x 6V6, 22W
- Preamp/Reverb/Tremolo: 3x 12AX7, 2x 12AT7

- Rectifier: 1x GZ34

- Housing: Bassman Blackface Style

- Tolex: Cocoa Creame

- Grill Cloth: Fender-Style beige-brown

- Handle: Fender style

- Knobs: Fender-Style Vintage Creame

- Corner Protectors: Bottom silver

- Custom Faceplates "Valleys of Neptune"

- Speaker: Fane Ascension A60 (Jensen P12N on pics)

guitar Edition


- Base Amp: TWS 2864-S Top

- Power Amp: 2x 6V6, 14W Cathode Biased
- Preamp: 1x EF86, 1x 12AX7

- Rectifier: 1x GZ34

- Housing: TWS Standard "Stealth"

- Tolex: TWS standard

- Handle: TWS standard

- Knobs: Chickenhead Black

- Corner Protectors: -None-

- Custom faceplates "guitar edition"