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2864-S combo front sloping

TWS 2864-S combo

The 1x12 combo version of the Tube WorkShop 2864-S amp.

Just like the 2864-S head, the 2864-S combo offers an unusually clear and full clean sound, especially at low volumes. At slightly higher levels, there is an extremely harmonious transition into the crunch range. The signal remains very stable, but begins to melt into the distortion, especially in the high range, without losing contour.  Some describe this as exceptionally 3-dimensional... others speak of a perfect one resolution and string separation.


The guitarist and the connected instrument are always the center of attention!

This is enabled by the puristic circuit concept of the TWS 2864-S, in which the guitar signal only passes through as few components as absolutely necessary. The best sound is not created when you can't add anything, but when you can't leave anything out any more.


A pure sound that is addictive and that you will probably only find in very few amps at this level of quality!


guitar 11/2022

"The Tube WorkShop TWS 2864-S is suitable for a wide range of styles. It offers the intoxicating quality of distorting mainly in the high-mids, which is definitely a feel-good factor in the game, and completely clear in the bass frequencies and in the treble at any volume and to remain localizable. In addition, the WonderVol is probably the most exciting PPIMV concept of recent years. The quality offered here has its price, but is absolutely fine for a boutique amp from Germany. We can hardly wait for the SingleSix as well combo from TWS."

Read the full review here...


Guitar & Bass 08/2023

"With the 2864-S, Tube WorkShop presents a puristic top with a 14 watt Class A/B power amplifier and its own interesting circuit concept. The three-stage bass switch processes the low frequencies and can therefore also be used to tune the loudspeaker box used [.. .]. Treble and Master (WonderVol) work effectively and interact well with the preamp (gain), so that the amp impresses with lead sounds even at bedroom level. Otherwise, the 2864-S feels most comfortable in clean to restrained crunch mode, where It shines with clarity, directness, dynamics and sensationally low background noise. These properties in particular make it the ideal pedal platform that works well with all kinds of effects. Without a doubt, the circuit concept, the quality of the components, the exemplary hand workmanship and, last but not least, the excellent tube sounds the prices called for."

HERE you can read the complete test report.


handmade in Germany.

Each 2864-S combo is handcrafted in Leingarten (GER) and hand-wired point-to-point with the shortest signal paths. All connections are soldered (no connectors) to permanently exclude loose contacts and contact resistance


The massive (2mm thick) aluminum chassis houses only hand-picked premium components and the highest quality transformers. The best is just good enough for us.

The mechanical installation of all components is completely decoupled from the electrical connections. Jacks, pots and tube sockets do not exert any forces on the electrical connections which could lead to broken solder joints over time.


A generously dimensioned housing made of solid 12mm birch multiplex not only gives the 2864-S combo a mature sound volume, but also enables a very lively sound, since the resonance properties of the housing are specifically included in the sound tuning. Of course, the case is handcrafted in Germany.

2864-S combo internals

Guitar Magazin 11/2022

"But the real amazement comes when have you a look into the amp. Cleanest execution of soldering work with extremely short signal paths and the finest caps, electrolytic capacitors and tubes is a feast for the eyes for every point-to-point wired fan."


Guitar&Bass 08/2023

"After dismantling it [...] the equally solid and flawless craftsmanship of the Tube WorkShop 2864-S top becomes very clear. [...] Disassembly takes less than a minute. [...] Everything soldered, no plug-in connections at all. [...] Makes six stars for the craftmanship!"

TWS 2864-S combo tone control

Tone Controls

from "Sweet" to "Aggressive".

A classic tone control circuit was dispensed in order to dampen and distort the sound as little as possible.

The amp can still be perfectly adapted to different guitar types and speaker setups via the "Treble" control located in the power amp and the adjustment in the bass range using a 3-stage switch. A tonality between "sweet" and more "aggressive" can also be called up here without any obstacles.


Guitar Magazin 11/2022

"The treble spectrum, which is so important for string separation, also remains clear and harmonious at all times. We have rarely seen anything like this before."


Guitar&Bass 08/2023

"The bass settings are not only musical, but also tasteful and practical. The treble control in the power amp shows high efficiency. [...] With the bridge HB of my Les Paul I prefer treble position 5, with the Strat it can even be a little less."

TWS WonderVol

even low volume can sound great.

Why do guitar amps always sound unspectacular at low volumes? The explanation is NOT that tube amps only sound good at higher volumes. The explanation is that at low volumes, our hearing works differently, emphasizing mid-range frequencies.

In the 2864-S combo we install the innovative TWS WonderVol as standard, which has an audio curve compensated volume control. For the first time, a master volume is realized which sits directly in front of the power amplifier and continuously compensates for the changes in the human hearing curve towards low volumes.

The sonic effect:

Even at "living room volume" the 2864-S combo sounds lively and full-fledged, without the well-known "nasal" sound of turned down amps...

User-friendly control range:
You will know that. Is your amp too quiet on "2"... but already too loud on "3". In contrast to traditional master volumes with only a minimal, usable range, the TWS WonderVol has a very finely resolved control path at low volumes. No adjusting with the tweezers any more!

No master volume wanted? No problem!

The TWS WonderVol is designed to become invisible to the amp when turned fully clockwise. As if it didn't even exist. So you want a classic Non-Mastervolume amp? No problem: simply turn the TWS WonderVol to "10". Done!

TWS WonderVol
TWS WonderVol

Guitar Magazin 11/2022

"Sensational: WonderVol

We are particularly impressed by the behaviour of the WonderVol. TWS has made a genius move here... The WonderVol allows the volume of the amp sound to be regulated almost unchanged... Probably the most exciting PPIMV concept of the past few years."


Guitar&Bass 08/2023

"To my surprise, however, the amp also works at bedroom level if you set the master to 2 or 3. Now WonderVol shows its qualities [...]. In this way, with the preamp pot fully cranked, creamy, homogeneous and naturally distorting, sustain-rich lead sounds with a real living room level are possible!"

TWS 2864-S combo back panel

Technical Specs

and specifics.

  • Manufactured by hand in Germany

  • Shortest signal paths. Best components. No connectors.

  • 1-channel: pedal platform amp

  • 14 watts (RMS undistorted)

  • 2x 6V6 power tubes (cathode biased)

  • 1x EF86 preamp tube

  • 1x selected 12AX7 as phase inverter

  • GZ34 rectifier tube

  • No classic tone control network in the signal path!

  • Treble control located in the power amp

  • 3-position bass switch

  • TWS "WonderVol", loudness compensated master volume

  • Hot/Warm switching (full power/reduced power)

  • 4/8/16 ohm speaker impedance selector switch

  • Dimensions: WxHxD = 610 x 508 x 226 mm

  • Weight: 18.2 kg

  • Celestion G12M Greenback speaker


TWS 2864-S Combo with Celestion G12M Greenback:RRP €3,249

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TWS 2864-S combo


Wanna go more individual?

Celestion G12M Greenback
Jensen Tornado Stealth
Fane Ascension
Celestion Alnico Gold

Our standard: Celestion G12M Greenback

We equip our speakers "from factory" with a Celestion G12M Greenback speaker, which offers both an excellent clean sound with lots of top-end and a great distortion sound with a wooden note.

Surcharge: Jensen Tornado Stealth 65W: 55,-€

"Best of Fender Sounds". The new Jensen Tornado combines the classic Jensen sounds with beautiful highs and relaxed mids. It remains very stable and contoured even with distorted sounds.

Surcharge: Fane Ascension A60: €125

Great, very "sweet" sounding speaker: "Jensen on Steroids"! Not made for metalheads, but a revelation for lovers of complex clean sounds.

Surcharge: Celestion Alnico Gold Speaker: €150

THE speaker when it needs to be "loud" and ruthless. Honest-sounding, high SPL... cuts through perfectly in loud bands. Both clean and distorted.

Tailored TWS Covers

keep the fun going...

Protective case 2864-S Combo

Of course, the best thing for your darling would be a flight case. But that's where things get big and difficult. And when you're not on a world tour, a good protective case is the perfect and affordable everyday companion.

  • Handmade in Germany

  • Custom made to fit the TWS 2864-S Combo

  • Perfectly sewn high-quality leatherette cover with TWS-Logo

  • The protective cover is padded and splash-proof. It protects against knocks during transport and also against fading (UV protection) and dust.

  • Thanks to the neatly incorporated handle recesses, the amp and box can still be transported without any problems.

  • Price: €75

Sound Samples

let's stop talking... just listen.

Gibson SG Neck, Preamp 9 Uhr, Bass Stufe 2, Treble 15 Uhr, Master Max
00:00 / 00:30
Stratocaster Bridge/Mid, Preamp 9 Uhr, Bass Stufe 2, Treble 15 Uhr, Master Max
00:00 / 00:37
Gibson SG, Preamp 12 Uhr, Bass Stufe 2, Treble 14 Uhr, Master Max
00:00 / 00:27
Stratocaster, Preamp 12 Uhr, Bass Stufe 2, Treble 14 Uhr, Master Max
00:00 / 00:34
Gibson SG, Preamp Max, Bass Stufe 1, Treble 14 Uhr, Master Max
00:00 / 00:40
Stratocaster, Preamp Max, Bass Stufe 1, Treble 14 Uhr, Master Max
00:00 / 00:41
Gibson SG mit Tubescreamer, Preamp Max, Bass Stufe 2, Treble 12 Uhr, Master Max
00:00 / 00:29
Stratocaster mit Tubescreamer, Preamp Max, Bass Stufe 2, Treble 12 Uhr, Master Max
00:00 / 00:32
WonderVol - Master Max, 15 Uhr, 12 Uhr, 10 Uhr, 08 Uhr
00:00 / 00:48

Pictures, pictures, pictures

tell more than 1000 words.

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