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​Inspired by a fabulous 1950s French amp designed by Paul Bouyer. Further developed and refined to become the "King of Bedroom Amps" from TWS.

​A single 6L6 power amp tube in single-ended Class A circuitry, combined with the unusual 6SL7 preamp tube and very generously dimensioned transformers achieve a sound that you have probably never heard before.

Not overly loud, but very mature and broadband, but always with a certain "sweet" touch that flatters the notes and never makes the amp sound "exhausting".

Even if the SingleSix has the potential to keep up in a full band, what is special about it is that due to the puristic design (which is designed for low volumes), it can fully exploit its sound properties even at "bedroom level".

The compact housing made of solid 15mm birch multiplex was specially designed for the SingleSix and gives the amp enough sound volume with compact dimensions at the same time. Of course, the case is handcrafted in Germany.

Speaker options:

Our standard: Celestion G12M Greenback

We equip our speakers "from factory" with a Celestion G12M Greenback speaker, which offers both an excellent clean sound with lots of top-end and a great distortion sound with a wooden note.


Jensen Tornado Stealth 65W

"Best of Fender Sounds". The new Jensen Tornado combines the classic Jensen sounds with beautiful highs and relaxed mids. It remains very stable and contoured even with distorted sounds.


Fane Ascension A60

Great, extremely "sweet" sounding speaker: "Jensen on Steroids"! Not made for metalheads, but a revelation for lovers of complex clean sounds.


Celestion Alnico Gold

THE speaker when it needs to be "loud" and ruthless. Honest-sounding, high SPL... cuts through perfectly in loud bands. Both clean and distorted.

TWS SingleSix Combo

PriceFrom €2,849.00
Sales Tax Included
    • Manufactured by hand in Germany
    • 1-channel: pedal platform amp
    • 6 watts (RMS undistorted)
    • 1x 6L6 power tube (single-ended class A)
    • 1x 6SL7 preamp tube
    • 1x GZ34 rectifier tube
    • Interactive tone control with tone pot
    • Infinitely adjustable response behavior with mood potentiometer
    • 4/8/16 ohm speaker impedance selector switch
    • Dimensions: WxHxD = 523 x 475 x 238 mm
    • Weight: 16 kg
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