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"Small" speakers can sound "Big"...

To match the TWS-BassBoy, we decided on a compact but fully-fledged bass speaker with 1x12 full-range equipment.

An additional tweeter was deliberately omitted.

The decisive factor was the construction made of 15 mm birch multiplex in a closed housing with a well-coordinated bass reflex opening on the front. This creates a consistent sound across all frequency ranges. The TWS 1x12 bass box is both balanced and very powerful with the smallest possible dimensions.


Speaker options:

Our Standard: Eminence Kappa-12A

A legend among 12'' bass speakers. Heavily built, high efficiency. Extremely "direct" and very balanced. This speaker literally "jumps" at you and sonically "pushes" you in every situation. Within the best speakers you can get...

Lightweight Alternative: Jensen Bass Smooth 12''

The Jensen Bass Smooth offers a very clear and differentiated sound with a weight of only 2.5 kg.

We recommend this speaker for all applications where low weight is more important than maximum sound pressure and power.

TWS 1x12 Bass Cab

PriceFrom €1,099.00
Sales Tax Included
    • Handbuilt in Germany
    • Housing made of 18 mm pine multiplex
    • Baffle made of 12 mm birch multiplex
    • Half-open back wall
    • Generous carrying handle
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 464x 420 x 250 mm
    • Weight: 12kg
    • Cover: black Tolex
    • Front covering: silver/black
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