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All-Tube. For modern Bass Players. Finally.

"Why isn't there an all-tube bass amp which suits the demands of studios and smaller venues of our days?"

We cannot answer that question, but we can say: It's here now. The Tube WorkShop BassBoy!


Even if our BassBoy is a completely new development, it is inspired by the legendary Ampeg B-15. This studio icon shaped the bass sounds of of a whole era. With a power amp switch between 30W Cathode Bias (like the 60s models) or the 50W in Class A/B mode of the 70s models of the B-15, the BassBoy does justice to both decades.


The legendary Baxandall tone control, specially developed for bass applications, has been completely revised and, with the new "Character" control, offers complex access to the important mid-range spectrum. This allows the BassBoy to switch effortlessly between traditional (rather aggressive) bass sounds and modern, tidy sounds.

TWS BassBoy Top

PriceFrom €3,299.00
Sales Tax Included
    • Made by hand in Germany

    • 50W Class A/B / 30W Cathode Bias, switchable

    • 2x 6L6 power tubes

    • 1x 6SL7 preamp tube

    • 1x 6SL7 Paraphase Phase Inverter

    • GZ34 rectifier tube

    • Post Phase Inverter Master Volume(PPIMV)

    • Preamp (gain) control with “Ultra-Bright” function

    • 3-band tone control with bass, treble and character controls

    • 4/8/16 ohm speaker impedance selector switch

    • Transformer-balanced DI-Out (XLR) with GND lift switch

    • Dimensions: WxHxD = 530 x 260 x 260 mm

    • Weight: 14kg

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