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Signature amp by Uwe Lulis from ACCEPT.

50W from 2x EL34. Classic "British" sound. There is also an overdrive circuit that can be activated and gives the all-important “kick”.

These are the ingredients for a classic heavy rock sound, as you know it from Uwe Lulis in Accept or his former band Grave Digger. Aggressive, tight, super direct!

Other features of the amp include a flexible preamp section that can be switched between JTM / JCM modes and has “Deep” and “Bright” switches, as well as two master volumes that can be selected using a foot switch. In addition, an A/B box is integrated with which the guitar signal can be switched to another amp or a tuner.

TWS Lulis Signature Top

PriceFrom €3,999.00
Sales Tax Included
    • Made by hand in Germany

    • 1-channel heavy rock amp, all tube

    • Signature Amp by Uwe Lulis (Accept)

    • 50W (RMS) Class A/B

    • 3x 12AX7, 2x EL34, 1x GZ34

    • JTM/JCM preamp modes

    • Bright/Deep switches

    • Integrated overdrive circuit (foot-switchable)

    • Custom 3-band EQ

    • Presence control

    • 2x master volume (foot-switchable)

    • Integrated, isolated A/B box (foot-switchable)

    • FX path with true bypass

    • 4/8/16 ohm speaker impedance selector switch

    • Mains voltage switchable between EU/USA

    • Included 3-way footswitch

    • Dimensions: WxHxD = 679 x 232 x 215 mm

    • Weight: 15 kg

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